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We hope you have all stayed safe at the weekend and stayed at home as much as possible and adhered to the social distancing measures if you did go out for some fresh air. This will help you to return to school as soon as possible. Here is your first days tasks.


Remember, the first thing to do is message your teacher on 'I am learning'.


We hope you get on ok with this and when you have finished, try to do some fun things as well as helping out around the house. We would love to see some photos or short videos of what you get up to. This could be something sporty (skipping, dancing, playing football etc), something creative (making something or joining in with the rainbow challenge) or something completely random. Send us your photos or short videos via the school office email. Make sure you make it clear which teacher it is for and they will forward it on to us.


Stay safe


The Year 3 team smiley



Planned Learning (Core + Foundation)

On Line Resources

23rd March


Reading – Read Ch 1 of The Firework-Maker’s Daughter and discuss with an adult – Complete I am learning activity.

Handwriting – CGP Handwriting – Vowel Combinations p10 and 11

Spellings – Ready for a test on Friday, watch


Maths –  Place Value 

Yellow and Green Mathematicians

Go through the place value ppt. on the website called ‘Number factory’

Textbook work p14.

Complete My Maths activity



Red Mathematicians

Go through the place value ppt. on the website called ‘Number factory’

Textbook work p48

EXT: Worksheet Number factory- answer in books.

Complete My Maths activity


Multiplication - Complete an activity set on Times table Rock stars every day.




‘What do we know about sounds?’ I am learning activity

Have a go at the ear gongs


I Am Learning – KS2 English – Reading Y3 – Making Meaning

What do we know about sounds?


My Maths – Place Value HTO


Votes for Schools



Reading Cloud – Log on and take out an e-book (if you don’t know how to do this, there is information on the school website)










Red Extension Worksheet