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Mr Hale and Miss Bean's groups

Good morning everyone. It's day 4! We hope everyone is safe and well. Another beautiful sunny day yesterday so remember to get outside into the garden for some leisure time. 


Below you will find the answers to the rounding and decimals questions - it's out of 12!

Remember to follow our marking expectations.

How did you do?

You can let your teacher know if you found a particular question difficult by messaging on Iamlearning.


Today's maths is all about further work on these two areas (rounding and decimals). 




L.O. to solve more challenging problems involving decimals and rounding.


Good Luck!









Thank you to all of you that messaged to say which you would prefer - a mean panda or a thoughtful scorpion. The most popular choice was...


A thoughtful scorpion!


So... with the beautiful weather at the moment, I was thinking...

how many of you would rather have a sunny day or a snowy day?


Sunny day or snowy day? Simples!