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L.O. to find the area of composite shapes

Resources (including
exercise book being used)

Maths book, pencil, green pen and ruler.


Write your date and LO in your Maths book, then complete the Introductory quiz. This is to show what you already know so don’t worry if you find some questions tricky. Record your score in your Maths book.

Then, scroll up to the top of the page then click ‘Next Activity’.


As you go through the video pause at the appropriate times and complete the tasks set your teacher.


55sCan you still…? Draw the shape into books, label and find all measurements and work out the perimeter.


2m 54s Composite shape. Write down what oyu think a composite shape is an copy one of the examples given.


4m 25s Reminder. Copy the shapes into your books and match the correct formula(s) to the shape. 


9m 30s Finding the area of composite shapes. Copy the teacher’s example and steps into your books as a revision aid.


11m 25s You Do. Copy the shape into your books (1 square=1cm). Split it into as rectangle and triangle. Find each area then add them together.


13m 40s Spot the mistake. Find Sandra’s mistakes. Look carefully at her working out. You need to find the correct area and use your working out to find Sandra’s errors.


17m 06s Develop learning. Do you agree with Annie or Warsan? Work out the area of the composite shape.


19m 27s Explore. Investigate which shapes combine to satisy the statements:

  1. Biggest area
  2. Biggest integer (whole number) perimeter
  3. Smallest area
  4. Smallest ingeter perimeter.


Please complete all of the questions you are asked to complete during the video.  There should be workings out and/or explanations in your books.


INDEPENDENT TASK – Once the video is finished exit off and click ‘next activity’. Answer Questions 1-4 then mark your work. Some hints are given from the soloution slides for additional support.


Then, click ‘Next Activity’ to view ‘Start Quiz’. Complete the ‘Exit quiz’ and record your score (out of 3).