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Mr Hale and Miss Bean's groups


Monday 06.07.20


L.O. To find the highest common factor.

Resources (including
exercise book being used)

Maths book, pencil, green pen and ruler.


Write your date and LO in your Maths book, then complete the Introductory quiz. This is to show what you already know so don’t worry if you find some questions tricky. Record your score in your Maths book. Then click ‘Next Activity’.


Watch the video. Note down the keywords and their definitions (factor, integer, highest common factor).


As you go through the video pause at the appropriate times and complete the tasks set.


1m 16s - Can you still…? Recap fnding factors of numbers and prime factors.


2m 40s Common factors -  Pause the video and find the common factors.


5m 48s – Have a go! – Find the highest common factor.


8m 22s – Common factors -  Pause the video and think about what you notice. Record your findings in your book. 


10m 08s Develop learning. Pause the video and find three pairs of numbers that have a highest common factor of 14.


12m 31s Always, sometimes, never – Write down the statements and decide if they are always, sometimes or never true.  CONTINUE THE VIDEO IF YOU REQUIRE SOME ADDITIONAL SUPPORT.


15m 42s ~Connections. Find other sized squares


17m 47s  - Connections – Spend a few mincutes trying to solve the problem


Please complete all of the questions you are asked to complete during the video.  There should be workings out and/or explanations in your books.


INDEPENDENT TASK – Once the video has finished, close it and click ‘next activity’. Answer the questions on the slides then mark your work.


Then, click ‘Next Activity’ to view ‘Start Quiz’. Complete the ‘Final quiz’ and record your score (out of 4).