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Mr Hale's and Miss Bean's groups

Perimeters and Areas Answers

  • Today's Maths - please complete page 63 of the stretch book.
  • Annotate in the stretch book but working out and answers in your exercise book.
  • Your exercise book is your orange maths book.
  • Then click on this link to answer four more questions



The big conundrum

So what was it?
What is it?

Well done to everyone who attempted the riddle: what goes up and down but never moves? Lots of right answers here - a staircase!

You are really struggling with my picture puzzles. Lots of answers included a wrap,  a naan bread or chapati, a reptile's shedded skin! Nobody guessed correctly - a banana! So todays is a little easier! 


Oh...and I went on a 6km run last night. How many miles is this rounded to the nearest mile? And how many vehicles (including cars, buses, lorries etc.) did I count driving on the roads whilst I was running. Nearest one wins the trophy!