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Mr Hale's and Miss Bean's Maths groups


Wednesday 15.07.20


L.O. To reflect shapes and describe reflections.

Resources (including
exercise book being used)

Maths book, pencil, green pen and ruler.


Write your date and LO in your Maths book, then complete the Introductory quiz. This is to show what you already know so don’t worry if you find some questions tricky. Record your score in your Maths book. Then, click ‘Next Activity’.


As you go through the video pause at the appropriate times and complete the tasks set your teacher.


1m 8sDo now – Identify the coordinates that lie on the line and the equation of the line.  


8m 05s Reflection key points – Copy the key points into your book and refer to them when completing today’s tasks.  


11m 38s Rotating shapes quick check – Identify where the bold black point will be on the reflected shape.


12m 45s Describe transformations - Describe the transformations of the shapes.


15m 10s Explore – Identify the coordinates of the image.   


Please complete all of the questions you are asked to complete during the video. 


INDEPENDENT TASK – Once the video has finished, close it and click ‘next activity’. Answer the questions on slides 2-4 then mark your work.


Complete the ‘Final quiz’ and record your score (out of 3).