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Mr Hale's and Miss Bean's


Thursday 09.07.20


L.O. To find the lowest common multiple of two numbers.

Resources (including
exercise book being used)

Maths book, pencil, green pen and ruler.


Write your date and LO in your Maths book, then complete the Introductory quiz. This is to show what you already know so don’t worry if you find some questions tricky. Record your score in your Maths book. Then, click ‘Next Activity’.


As you go through the video pause at the appropriate times and complete the tasks set your teacher.


1m 05sCan you still? – Find the multiples and lowest common multiples of the numbers given.


2m 48sNew learning – spend some time finding the first five common multiples of the numbers given. Write them out in your book.


9m 28sYou do – draw the venn diagram and find the lowest common multiple of the numbers. 


11mLowest Common Multiple – look at the two startegies. In your book, explain what is the same and what is different.


12m 30sQuick check– choose the method that you prefer to find the LCM.


15mDevelop learning – use your knowledge to solve the problem. You might like to sketch the diagram in your book.


15mExplore – draw the grid and explore numbers that can be added. Continue watching the video for more support.


Please complete all of the questions you are asked to complete during the video.  There should be workings out and/or explanations in your books.


INDEPENDENT TASK – Once the video has finished, close it and click ‘next activity’. Answer the questions on the slides then mark your work.


Complete the ‘Final quiz’ and record your score (out of 4).