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Mrs Healy Messages

To our wonderful Year 6 


I wish you every happiness for all of your tomorrows...


You have had, by far, the most challenging last term at Park Hall Junior Academy, and yet you have remained your usual, happy amazing selves throughout.


It has been a privilege and a pleasure to be part of your journey. We have watched you grow into talented enthusiastic and wonderful young people, with a ready smile and the attitude to seize life!


Your families must be very proud of you. We certainly are.


Best wishes Year 6 - be happy and keep being you!


Mrs Healy



Dear Year 6

Well we have come to the final week of our school year. It has been a strange year but we are very proud of all that you've achieved, how brave you have all been and how you have supported each other at home and when in school. 


Whilst we have not had any of the conventional end of year celebrations, we have been busy preparing a few surprises to share with you all in this final week. I do hope that, when it was safe to do so, we can have you back into school to celebrate your considerable achievements over all of the time you have been at Park Hall Junior Academy.


Looking forward, I am sure that you are excited for September. Some of you have had virtual meetings with your new schools and I know that you have been working hard to keep up with all of the information sent to you.  However, if you should ever need help or support, we will always be here to visit as your Park Hall Family.


In the interim, have a fantastic summer and stay safe.


Best wishes 

Mrs Healy

Dear Year 6 

A huge well done for all of the hard work at school and at home.


For those who have been back in school since the 1st June, we have now completed 4 weeks and the time has flown! We are looking forward to welcoming more children back into school from next week - and Year 5 children will also join us. I know that you are all working hard and taking the opportunity to work with staff and to catch up with friends... even if that is from a distance.


For those returning to us in the coming days, don't forget to bring in some of the essentials, such as your lunch, a healthy snack and your water bottle. We have everything else that you need but please remember to bring your home learning pack into school too.


Best wishes and see you soon.


Mrs Healy and all the staff

Happy VE Day to everyone!


I hope that you have had a fun and interesting day? Look out for things to enjoy on your class pages - there are also lots of things to enjoy on TV today and this weekend. It is good to remember and think about all of the people who worked so hard and gave up so much so that we can live as we do today.


The teachers have really enjoyed reading the messages sent through IAmLearning - Mrs Amos, Mr Hale and I also enjoy hearing from you all!


Take care and stay safe and well.


Best wishes

Mrs Healy :)

Monday 20th April 2020

Dear All

Welcome back to the start of a new and busy term for Summer 1.


You are all doing brilliantly and I hope that you have had a really good rest over the last 2 weeks.


It's back to work now though, and back to our routines, so please remember to log on to I Am Learning by 9.15am and say 'hello' or 'good morning' to your teacher. They are waiting for you to contact them!


In addition, don't forget to look at Votes for Schools to discuss this week’s topic and use the slides. 


Take care all.


Best wishes

Mrs Healy

Friday 10th April 2020


Dear All


I hope that you are all enjoying the fantastic sunshine and sharing a wonderful break with your families?


The Class Butterflies are hatched and have flown away in glorious sunshine - perfect weather for a Painted Lady!. We can only hope that they will now have the chance to lay their eggs safely, which in turn will produce baby caterpillars, to allow the Life Cycle to turn again.


Staff and children at school have had a more relaxed week - still very busy but with more art and creativity than Maths and English! 


We are all well here and we hope that you are too. A huge 'thank you' for all of your messages and kind wishes.

Take care and best wishes.

Mrs Healy

Friday 27th March 2020


Dear All

It is almost the end of Week One and you are all doing really well. Well done!


If you think what you have achieved - working and learning in a different way, trying to get organised, keeping on task and working to a timetable - you should be very proud of yourselves! 


Remember that we are here to help - you can message any teacher, including me, Mr Hale and Mrs Amos, on I Am Learning, and we will try hard to get back to you as soon as possible. We will check in on you regularly by phone or email too.


It is very quiet in school and we are missing all of you too - stay safe and well everyone.


Take care

Mrs Healy