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VotesforSchools - Should the public decide which films win awards?

What is VotesforSchools?


Each week, VotesforSchools provides lessons to children all over the country, asking them about the issues that matter to them. Their votes are recorded and sent out to charities, organisations & decision-makers to help make a difference.


Should the public decide which films win awards?


It's the final debate of this half-term and VFS are ending on a Hollywood high, with children discussing the ins and outs of the film industry! The question up for discussion this week is: "Should the public decide which films win awards?"

Children will be thinking about the films they have seen and enjoyed, and how these compare with those that have received critical acclaim. They will also investigate whether there is a formula to award-winning films by making predictions about some fictional synopses.



Make it fun!


Why not have a family debate: split into teams - those for and those against or individually if you prefer; give each person/team 5 minutes each to put their argument forward. This is a wonderful opportunity to practise those persuasive debating skills as a family! Who knows - our future politicians or even Prime Minister might be among us!


We would love to see your photographs - family debates, giving your speech (Prime Minister style of course!) or other great ways you are enjoying VotesforSchools! Send them by email to your Year Group.


And please don't forget to vote! How to do this can be found on the very last slide of the lesson pack.