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VotesforSchools - Would you pay more for chocolate?

What is VotesforSchools?


Each week, VotesforSchools provides lessons to children all over the country, asking them about the issues that matter to them. Their votes are recorded and sent out to charities, organisations & decision-makers to help make a difference.


This doesn’t stop while children are remote learning either. Until things go back to normal, VotesforSchools are providing a weekly guide to help you and your families learn at home! This week, your Home Learning Pack includes:


  • top tips for learning at home
  • ideas to take your VotesforSchools further
  • some great links to help children learn something new 


Would you pay more for chocolate?


This week VotesforSchools are focusing on Fairtrade Fortnight 2021. As this year's theme is "Choose the world you want", VFS decided to centre the lessons around the choices we make when it comes to buying products, the sweet variety in particular... With this in mind, children will be discussing: "Would you pay more for chocolate?"


In both the lessons, children are asked to think about the reasons why they may or may not opt for the fairtrade option, and whose responsibility it is to ensure farmers and producers are paid fairly. They are also encouraged to take their knowledge beyond the classroom and make changes of their own.


All of the resources can be found in Google Classroom, week beginning Monday 1st March.


Make it fun!


Why not have a family debate: split into teams - those for and those against or individually if you prefer; give each person/team 5 minutes each to put their argument forward. This is a wonderful opportunity to practise those persuasive debating skills as a family! Who knows - our future politicians or even Prime Minister might be among us!


We would love to see your photographs - family debates, giving your speech (Prime Minister style of course!) or other great ways you are enjoying VotesforSchools! Send them by email to your Year Group.


And please don't forget to vote! How to do this can be found on the very last slide of the lesson pack.