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Optional Activities

Half term tasks

Here are some optional activities you can complete over May half term. Remember to send in photographs so we can share them on our class page.


  • Plan a holiday; where would you most like to visit in the world?
    • Why do you want to go there?
    • How much are the flights and hotel?
    • What attractions will you visit?


  • Plan a family picnic.
    • What food will you make?
    • Make a list of ingredients.
    • Can you may any/all of the food you planned?


  • Take a family picture.
    • Use editing software to alter the image – can you find any artists who do this?
    • Practise Photoshop – can you send your family to Disneyland?
    • Practise your pencil sketch skills and copy the photo.


  • Try some illustration drawings.
    • Select an illustration to draw and follow the step by step guide.
    • Add colour where possible.
    • Can you create your own illustration?