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Excitedly, the two children ran holding hands to the garden with their tools in the other hand. As Mary and Alice got there they saw the long tendrils which covered the rusty, heavy door. Mary took the key out of her pinned dress. As she was slowly opening the ivy covered wall some light was showing. It was the sweetest most mysterious looking place anyone could imagine. As they entered they saw in the middle of the garden a blue crystal clear water and there was a statue that was mossy because it hasn’t been looked after for ages. There were several exotic birds which had colourful wings. Each one of them had patterns on them which looked iridescent. As they were walking they saw various of flowerbeds which stretched along the wall surrounding them which had a beautiful scent to them. Alice looked like she was having a lifetime of good. Mary couldn’t believe her eyes she saw a dozen of colourful rainbow colours. Alice was walking on the bridge looking at the water and seeing her reflection. Under the hill, there were multiple of roses pink and red growing. She also could see flowers blossoming. The pond was full of lily pads which were dancing around that made the pond go jiggly. Alice could not believe her eyes at the moment.

- By Hana A. (Class 7)


As Mary skipped out of Misselthwaite Manor, she heard birds tweeting in the distance. She loved skipping , it was her favourite thing to do. Mary thought she had improved, she could skip for 10 minutes without stopping. She skipped underneath the tall trees then she skipped around them. The red breasted robin watching upon her one of the tall trees. Suddenly, she heard some music in the distance. As she walked through the bush and along the path Mary couldn’t believe her eyes. She gazed in bewilderment at the girl.

       - By Kareena P. (Class 7)