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Normally we would be learning gymnastics at school but not all the movements are safe for you to do at home if there is not an adult present. Have a look at the links below to choose a work out. Try to work out for an hour as in school that is how long our lesson is. Have a look at the order below to help you:

  1. Start with a 5/10-minute warm up. Some work outs below will have a warm up already included so if that is the case then you don’t need to complete one of these warm ups. Here are some you can do if the main work out doesn’t include a warm up:
  • Warm up 1: How many star jumps can you in 2 minutes? How many high knees can you do in 3 minutes? Can you do squats for 3 minutes without stopping?
  • Warm up 2: Run on the spot for 3 minutes (start with a jog and then increasingly get faster), complete 10 lunges on each leg.


There are other 5 minute and 8 minute workouts if you visit The Body Coach YouTube site on this link.


2. Click on one of the links to complete a work out. Try to complete a 40 minute work out if you can as this is how long our PE lesson is. You may want to break this down and complete a 10 minute work out each day instead. You don’t have to pick just one work out from the list. You could complete a 20 minute Joe Wicks work out and then complete some activities on Change4Life or GoNoodle etc. for another 20 minutes.


-Joe Wicks

-Cosmic Yoga


-The PE Shed




3. Complete a cool down/stretch. Use some of these videos: Rainbow Breathe – GoNoodle Breathing and stretching Bobo PE Stretching