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Please complete on lined paper.


Thursday 22nd October 2020.


L.O. To understand what universal rights are.


Wish 1: I can think about a child’s perception of life in Ghana.

Wish 2: I understand what is meant by stereotyping.

Wish 3: I can notice similarities and differences between my life and a child’s life in Ghana.


Starter: Give yourself one minute to think of as many chocolate bars as you can. Compete with an adult/family member to see who knows the most chocolate bar names. Keep a running total of the amount you name together.


Task 1: On your piece of paper, stick in the table (print from PDF named 'Tasks' below or copy it out yourself with a ruler and pencil) which has five questions and 2 columns. Write your answers to each question in the first column. 

What is your favourite subject at school?

Write 3 words to describe how you feel about coming to school

Write 3 words to describe how you feel about going to Secondary school.

What is your ambition for when you leave school?

What is your favourite chocolate bar?


Get a selection of the family’s favourite chocolate bar and then ask everyone to vote on their overall favourite.


Answer these questions on your paper:

  1. How much does a chocolate bar costs?
  2. How often do you eat them?
  3. How would you feel if you were not able to eat anymore after today?


Do we take chocolate for granted? Do you know how chocolate is made and where it comes from?


Look at the information about Ghana on the PDF called 'PSHE Slides'

Has this changed how you feel about chocolate? 


Task 2: Based on what you have learnt so far this lesson, decide if the statements are true or false (see the PDF named 'Tasks' below). Write out each statement and write true or false next to each statement. 

Task 3: Answer the 5 questions again (the table from Task 1) but this time from the perspective of a child who was working at a cocoa plantation. What do you notice when you compare your answers? Are there any similarities or differences? 


Write your WISH and a RS. Don't forget your assessment face.