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 Please complete this work in your English book.


Tuesday 13th October 2020


L.O. To explore the author’s use of language (R15).


WISH 1: I can describe how the author’s description makes me feel.

WISH 2: I can explain the effect of short sentences.

WISH 3: I can explain the effect of the author’s language choices


Task: Read the extract– Chapter ‘Twenty-five past three’ p.137-141 from 'Private Peaceful'. 


Answer the questions below. Include the question in your answer. Answers will be added to the website tomorrow. 


Explore the author’s language 

1.        What does ‘There was a sickly-sweet stench about the place that had to be more than stagnant mud and water’ tell you about the trench? 1 mark 

2.       The author changes the tense at the beginning of the first new paragraph on p.138. What effect does this have? 1 mark (Hint: Think about it from the character's perspective). 

3.       Look at the paragraph that starts on p.138 and ends on p.139. How does this paragraph make you feel? How does Morpurgo use language to make you feel like that? Quote evidence. 3 marks

Example Answer: This paragraph makes me feel  worried for Tommo and the other soldiers. It is clear now that they understand the true horror of wars especially by the last sentence ‘ I just want this to be over’. Tommo really wants the bombing to stop and isn't bothered about his fate along as it stops. 

4.       Find the word that is repeated most often in the last four lines of p.139. What is the effect of this repetition? 2 marks (1 for the word and 1 for the effect)

5.       Which words on p.140 are a flash back to an earlier time? Why does Tommo remember these words? 2 marks

6.       Twice on p.140 Morpurgo finishes paragraphs with simple short sentences. Why do you think he does this? 2 marks