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Reading Cloud

How do I write a book review using Reading Cloud? How do I loan an e/book? On the internet, open up the school website:

Click on ‘Children’, ‘Library’.

On this page you will see children’s book reviews as well as the link for ‘Reading Cloud’. Click on ‘Reading Cloud’ to open up the website.

Click on ‘Login’ on the top right corner of the website.

Username: your library number

Password: you were given this in September.

School: Park Hall Junior Academy (Don’t get us mixed up with Park Hall Academy! That is a secondary school in Birmingham!)

Once you have logged in:

Type the name of the book in the search box. E.g. Best friends.

A list of books/ebooks/websites will appear. Click on the one you want.

Click on the green button that says ‘Create Review’.

Start typing and create the best review you can for the book you want to persuade others to read.

Click on ‘Save’.

This will then be sent to Mrs Amos to be read and submitted. The ones that persuade Mrs Amos the most make it onto the school website and the school newsletter!



Loaning an ebook:

Once you have logged in:

Click on the white writing beneath the search box ‘Advanced search’.

Click on the little circle next to ‘View’.

Click on ebooks.

A whole list of ebooks is available for you to choose from. The book you select will be loaned to you for 7 days.

Happy Reading, from Mrs Amos.