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Remote Learning 2019/20

Good morning Year 3!

We hope you had a lovely weekend !

Please remember to log on to I am learning by 10 am. 

Your class teacher can see when you have logged on and will be checking this daily. 


Letters to new teachers

Yesterday (Wednesday 15th July), we asked you to write a letter to your new teacher. Hopefully you spent some time on this and took real care to produce a lovely, informative and neat letter. Remember you don't  get a second chance to make a first impression! You can either bring this letter with you in September or, alternatively, you could email it to and label it FAO Year 3 and we will ensure to print them off and give them to the new teachers.

First News - Needed for the Reading work wb 20th April

Running order

Introduction to Distance Learning


Due to the government's decision to close schools from Friday, we have prepared daily activities for the children to complete to make sure their learning doesn't suffer. A lot of this is consolidating previous learning so that the children can complete it with a fair amount of independence.


The first thing your child must do every day is to log on to 'I am learning' by 10 am and send a message to their class teacher, saying something simple like: 'Good Morning' or 'Hello Mr/Mrs ….'. Your child should know how to do this, but if you need help see the explanation below. Your child can also use this facility to contact the teacher with any questions about the work, however they may not receive an instant reply.


Every day, a teacher from the year group will set the daily tasks to be completed. These will include a variety of tasks, such as workbooks, text book work, on-line activities and research projects. Some year groups may have sent exercise books home so when work is done in those, please ensure that your child completes the work using the school presentation policy (this can be found in the 'About us - Curriculum' section on the website).


The work that your child does each day will then be self-marked using their green pen. Answers will be put on the website the following day.


We are aware that this is a difficult time for everybody and we appreciate your continuing support.

Welcome back - Summer Term Week 1

  We hope you have all had a good Easter break.


  Today we start the Summer Term and want you to try and settle back into the routines we set up before Easter as quick as possible. Remember to message your teacher through I am Learning by 10am each morning. You should then have a look at the activities set each day in this folder. They will be easy to find by looking for the appropriate day in the Week beginning 20th April section. You will find a suggested timetable below but you should do whatever works for you and your family. There are also lots of other links below for other helpful and fun activities, such as PE and Art activities and live streaming sessions. BBC are also beginning a Bitesize Daily service that you can find BBC iPlayer or using the red button. There is also a link for this below. If you need any help with anything, please message you teacher and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

 Finally we have also set the Summer 1 Half Term Homework Tasks and the Summer 1 Spellings, which can be found in the normal place. We have tried to set tasks that will help you with your learning in Science and Topic area so encourage you to do as many of them as possible. You will notice that the last one was about sunflower seeds that we had intended to give to you had we been at school. However, you could still do this task but just grow anything of your choice produce a growing diary. 

Stay safe!


Mr Westaway and the Year 3 team. 😀


Distance Learning

Well done Year 3! You have been doing brilliantly using the Oak Academy lessons for your Maths and English. Make sure you send your teacher your scores from the quiz for the previous day's lesson. So on a Monday, you should be sending your scores from Friday's lesson. You only need to send the quiz scores from the end of the lesson when there is one but if you want to send the scores from the beginning quiz too, you can. Just make sure you make it clear what the scores are for.

E.g. Good morning Mr/Mrs ______

My maths scores yesterday were 2/3 for the start quiz and 3/3 for the finish quiz and my English score was 4/5.

Remember to also look at the other activities you could be doing that will be in a table under the Oak lessons. We will be setting Science, French, Music, RE, Geography/History and Art/D & T activities each week. We will also try to keep setting some I am Learning quizzes, as well as Handwriting, Grammar, Arithmetic and Times Table Rockstars each week so do what you can. 

Keep up the hard work and we look forward to seeing you soon.

The Year 3 Team smiley