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Science activities

Earth and space


Consider the perils of space while designing your own space suits!

As you follow the mission, think about these prompts...

  • What do humans need to survive?
  • What difficulties might there be in space?
  • What materials would you use and why?


Create a space suit design. Think about the things a space suit might have to go through or be used for and the materials that would be best to survive the conditions. 


A spacesuit is more than just clothes that astronauts wear in space. Think of it like a really small spacecraft! It protects the astronaut from the dangers of being outside in space as it is very different from being on Earth. They need to stop the astronaut from getting too hot or cold. The suits also need to give them oxygen to breathe and water to drink. They need to protect them from space dust that can travel faster than a bullet! They have gold-lined visors to protect them from bright sunlight and play a critical role in any space mission.


For more information about space suits, follow the link below.

Science Experiments


Here are some science experiments that you can do at home using everyday materials. Remember to let an adult know BEFORE doing the experiments.