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Complete on lined paper. 


Please ask an adult to test you on this week's spellings.

Expect, expectation, expectant, expectancy, efficient, efficiency, obedient, obedience, conscience, conscious. 


Task 2- Spelling rules 

The spelling rules for ant/ance/ancy and ent/ence/ency can be found on our Homework page (Year 6- Homework- Spellings). 

Make notes about the rules so that you have access to these at home.


Task 3- Spelling Game

Next week, you will be tested on the following words:

Hesitate, hesitation, hesitant, hesitancy, transparent, transparency , independent, independence, convenience, correspond

Practise these spellings by completing the following activities and games:

1) Spelling Race: Choose a spelling word. Put on a timer for 1 minute and see how many times you can correctly and clearly spell the word within 1 minute. Repeat with your other spelling words.

2) Fancy letters: Choose a spelling word and write it in a 'fancy' style. You may wish to create curls and flicks on letters or use bubble letters. See how many different font styles you can come up with while you practise all of your spelling words.

3) Rainbow words: Write or type your spellings using a different colour for each letter.

Remember to keep reviewing your spellings throughout the week ready for Friday 6th November.