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Good morning guys. Nearly another week done. Easter holidays soon and a well deserved break from school and, more recently, your distance learning tasks. Here are your activities for today.


Planned Learning (Core + Foundation)

On Line Resources

2nd April


Reading – Read Ch 6 of The Firework-Maker’s Daughter and discuss with an adult

GAPS – CGP Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling – Its and It’s p54 and 55

Complete I am learning activity.




And complete

Complete activities on my maths telling the time 1 and 2


Choose which level you think you maybe at. If you are unsure start at level 1 and work your way through them.



Multiplication – Try to complete 3 Garages and Studios daily. You can do a Soundcheck too but this has been set to do every Friday.




Use the example of the mind map to research the Iron Age.  What was life like in the Iron Age? What tools did they have? What did they wear? What/how did they eat? What were their homes like? Was religion important? Useful links >






I Am Learning –


KS2 English – Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation Y3 – Its and It’s


My Maths

Complete activities on my maths telling the time 1 and 2




Votes for Schools






History -

History -


Daily Challenge


Did you have  a go at yesterday's challenge? If you did, it was an April's fool! None of the words were in the words search! Well done if you had a go.

Today's challenge. 

Sunshine hands! 

Today’s challenge is a chance to be creative and think about how you can bring others joy without seeing them. We want you to make a sunshine picture  to put in the window. All over the UK, people are putting pictures up for people to see as they walk by. Every week is a different theme. This week is sunshine.


The idea is to create the image of a sun using hand prints as the rays.

Here are some examples.