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PLEASE NOTEwe have now added a suggested timetable onto our distance learning page for you to follow if it helps you to organise your day. You do not have to follow these times - talk to an adult at home to help you decide what would work for you and your family. We understand that you may need to share computers with siblings.We have also added a guideline to show the maximum amount of time your teachers believe should be spent on each activity before you stop to have a break or move onto something new!  

Please do not start this work until Thursday 2nd April 

Remember, your first task is to message your class teacher on I Am Learning before 10 am. 



Read CH9 of I Was There - Look up any vocabulary you do not know in a dictionary as you read.


Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling  – Starter: Watch then read-

Then, log on to I Am Learning and complete: Identifying adjectives beginner 


Handwriting – Complete sheet 17 and 18 in blue pen


Maths – Mark and correct CGP  pg 44 and 45 using the answers below 

Starter: Log onto My Maths to review our work on perimeter- Introducing perimeter 

Task: If you are not confident with time, use the following website to practise first:

Then, use your Y4 Maths CGP book to complete pg 50 – Clocks in your exercise book.

Short date: 02-04-20   LO: To practise telling time

In your exercise book, you just need to write the digital time. For Q3- use a number line to calculate the time difference. Remember there are 60 minutes in 1 hour.  There is an example numberline at the bottom of this page. 


Multiplication - Times Tables Rockstars Complete 3 x garage, 3 x studio


French – Watch:

Practise talking about the weather by copying the characters in the video. Listen to their responses and practise saying what the weather is.

Draw a small picture to represent each weather type in your notebook then write the French phrase next to each picture describing what the weather is.

Challenge: For each day this week, describe the weather in French. You can say this to someone in your house or write it in your beige notebook like a weather diary!

French vocabulary for weather can be found at the bottom of this page. 


Music – Watch the two videos for A Night on the Bare Mountain on the following website

Listen to the music on repeat and, on a piece of paper, draw an image of what the music makes you think about. Think about the emotions you feel. Do you feel happy or sad? Angry or calm?

If you were watching a film, what would happen on the screen while you heard this music.


PE – Choose an activity off the website 


Other- Play this time game to practise what you have learnt about analogue and digital time