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Thursday 16th July

Good morning Year 4! 

Remember to log on to I Am Learning by 10 am. 


Today’s task is to write up a quotation, part of a poem or a story that makes you feel happy. Remember to use your best joined handwriting.




Listen as the children describe their favourite hobbies. Practise saying these hobbies.

Use your vocabulary sheet to support you and discuss with people in your home what hobbies you like doing and ask them what their favourite hobbies are in French!


Music -     Listen to the 2 pieces of music below then use this chart to answer the questions for each piece. You do not need to copy the questions.



1812 Overture – Tchaikovsky (From 13 minutes 20 secs)


Barber – Adagio


What instruments can you hear?



What is the mood of the music?



How does the music make you feel?



Do you like the music with reasons?



What could be happening in a film if this music was being played?




PE- Choose an activity to complete for 30 minutes

Optional: Complete a daily challenge

Tchaikovsky 1812.mp3

Barber - Adagio.mp3