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Thursday 23rd April

Remember, your first job everyday is to send a 'Good Morning'  message to your class teacher by 10 am.


If you run out of space in any exercise books (orange Maths or yellow English book), please ask an adult to contact the office to arrange to pick up a new one.


Mark your answers to yesterday’s questions using green pen. Remember ticks should be small and if you get an answer wrong, correct it!

Chapter 1 Answers

We are going to start looking at some poetry each week (as we would have been doing in school). For today’s activity, look at the image of the poetry book. What do you think the poem’s in this book would be about?

Listen to this video which is the poet (T S Eliot) reading one of the poems inside aloud.

Try to learn the first part of the poem uploaded below off-by-heart. If you are struggling with how to pronounce any of the words, use the video to help.

Perform to someone at home.

Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling

Mark your work on pg 68 and 69 of your Grammar CGP book using green pen.

Then, log onto I am learning and complete the work on prefixes ‘dis’. You may need a dictionary to help you look up some word meanings.


We practised handwriting for 2 weeks before Easter and now we would like to work on handwriting in a different way. Each day, we will set some joins to practise and a question to answer. When you answer the question, you should aim to write a paragraph using your best handwriting. You may wish to use a separate notebook at home for your journaling as you may wish to look back at your answers in the future! If you do not have a notebook at home, use your beige notebook.


Firstly, write the date and LO in your orange Maths book.

23-4-20      LO To understand and use factor pairs.

Mark yesterday’s work on p48 and 49 in green pen.

Log on to My Maths and complete Mixed tables questions and try to beat the clock .

Then, watch and read the information about factors.

Finally, complete p24 CPG book ‘Factor Pairs’  in your orange maths book. Remember to put 1 digit in each square.

Multiplication - Times Tables Rockstars


Log onto I Am Learning and complete the task set on French numbers.

If you have any chalk at home, you could also play this French numbers game!

Listen to Blackbird

Now listen to Aria’s version.

Answer the questions below in your beige notebook.

1. Describe the music. Is it fast/slow, high/low, loud/soft, happy/sad.

2. Write down 4 things that is the same and 4 things that are different between the 2 versions of the song.

3. Which version do you like best and why?


PE- Choose an activity to complete for 30 minutes

Other – Choose a project from our optional projects page and work on it during the week