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Thursday 24th



(1 hour)

LO: To use Capital Letters and punctuation accurately (Y2).

WISH 1: I can begin sentences with Capital Letters.

WISH 2: I can use Full Stops at the end of statements.

WISH 3: I can analyse sentence type and use ? and ! accurately.

Handwriting (10mins)

Small letters (h)

Phonics (10mins)

Speed Sounds lesson

Sound – aw (special friends).  Use the Youtube link –

Grammar and Punctuation

Teacher model- use a picture from previous lesson and speech bubbles. Write the discussion happening between the characters.

Main Activity –

Chn write up their discussion using a picture of them and their partner being two of the children. 

*Don't worry if you don't have a picture, you could just write the child's name (Joe, Beth or Frannie) and then write what they might have said afterwards.*

e.g. Joe - I really want to climb the tree because we might learn lots of new things about animals.

Beth - If we climb the tree we might get into trouble because Father told us not to.


Use full stops, exclamation marks and question marks correctly

Use capital letters for proper nouns, the personal pronoun I and to begin a sentence

Use subordination (when, if, that or because)


(1 hour)

L.O: To identify the 100s a 3-digit number lies between (M4).

Wish 1: I can read and write 3-digit numbers.

Wish 2: I can say the 100s and 10s number any 3-digit number lies between.

Wish 3: I can draw number lines and place numbers on.



Children are to count in 10s and then 100s. Write them on the board.

Then use 

Interactive place value cards to create a 3-digit number e.g. 462

Draw a blank number line and ask children what to label each end (the multiples of 100 the number lies between, e.g. 400 and 500).

Mark the midpoint, e.g. 450, then the multiples of 10, e.g. 410, 420, etc.

mark where the number goes on the line

– help them to do this.

Change the 3-digit number (leaving 100s the same).

Mark this number on the line.

Ask Which number is largest? How can we tell? Point out that the further right the number is, the larger it is – show the 100s numbers to clarify.


Provide children with blank landmarked number lines, ten divisions number lines. Remind children that, for each question on the question sheet,  they should work out which multiples of 100 lie either side and mark these on the line. Children consider which multiples of 10 the number lies between and use this knowledge to position the number as accurately as they can on the line.


(1 hour)

LO: To join in a discussion about characters (Y2).

WISH 1: I know the main characters’ names.

WISH 2: I can give some details about the characters’ personalities.

WISH 3: I can give reasons for my opinions using the text.

Handwriting (10mins)

Small letters (b)

Phonics (10mins)

Speed Sounds lesson

Sound – are (special friends). Use the Youtube link –


Read Chapter 4

As teacher reads Ch4, whole class guided discussion on each character.

Who are they? What are they like? How do we know this?


(45 minutes)


Revise greetings words from last week – Bonjour, Salut, Bonnuit.

Teach ‘Je m’appelle’ For saying your name and ‘Çava?’ for asking If you are ok.

Teach responses – Çava bien – I’m good,   Ça ne vas pas – I’m not well,  Comme ci, comme ca – I’m ok

Complete work sheet 1a.

Music (45 minutes)

Use this link to discuss rhythm and pulse.

The Enchanted Wood Ch4