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Wednesday's answers



  1. farther
  2. lead
  3. dessert
  4. passed
  5. banned

Please do not begin this work until Thursday 18th June 2020


Good morning Year 5 


Remember, your first job every day is to send a 'Good Morning' message to your class teacher on I Am Learning by 10 am. Remember to include your scores from yesterday’s final quiz for both English and Maths.


If you run out of space in any exercise books (orange Maths or yellow English book), please ask an adult to contact the office to arrange to pick up a new one.


PE with Joe Wicks (30 minutes)

Optional PE: complete a daily challenge

Spelling (20 minutes)

Follow the link below. Select year 5&6 then click on book number 9 to revise some of the spellings from our word list.


Arithmetic (20 minutes)

Complete the task on I am Learning ‘Divide by 10, 100, 1000 (decimals).


Reading (10 minutes)

Continue to read your chosen book. 

Science (1 hour)

We will be looking at Electricity!

Problem-solving – An electronic scarecrow!

To start off with you will be drawing upon what you already know about electrical circuits. Think back to the components that you used whilst in Year 4; motors, bulbs (lamps) and buzzers.


Task 1: You are going to pretend you are making a pitch to Dragons’ Den (Dragons' Den is a reality television program in which entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of people hoping they will give them money to fund them). The product that you will be trying to pitch is an electric scarecrow!  On a piece of paper, draw a scarecrow (this does not need to be detailed but should be neat). Now draw a basic circuit running inside of it as the circuit will be hidden inside of the scarecrow (wires, bulbs, batteries, etc). Then label your drawing. What could electricity enable your scarecrow to do? What components will you include? A buzzer to make sound to scare away birds/bulbs in his eyes that light up/motors that turn? Be creative.


Task 2: Using your prior knowledge, have a go at filling in the missing words using these words:

loop, complete, energy, path, negative, positive, electricity.


A circuit is a _ _ _ _ that allows _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to pass through it.

Electricity always travels from the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

to the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

A circuit will only work if it is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. This means it must make a complete _ _ _ _, otherwise the electrical _ _ _ _ _ _ cannot flow.

Grammar (30 minutes)

Log into your account on and complete the task Grammar – Y5 (E).