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Please do not start this work until Thursday 26th March. 

Remember your first job is to send a message to your class teacher on I Am Learning.  Please try and send your message before 10am.


We are still winning- well done! One day to go!




Read CH4 I Was There  - Look up any vocabulary you do not know in a dictionary as you read.

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Watch and read:

 Log onto I Am Learning and complete  Personal and possessive pronouns- beginner. There is a word bank OF pronouns below to help if needed. 


Complete Sheet 7 and 8 in blue pen

Maths –  Mark yesterday’s CGP work using your green pen. Remember your green pen ticks should fit inside 1 square. The answers are below. 

Starter: Review our work on time by logging on to My Maths to complete Y4 Time conversion 1. For further help watch:

If you are still finding telling time tricky, see if someone at home can help you practise each day. 

Task: Look at the example on the website  below which shows how to set out today's work. 
Using your Y4 CGP Maths book, complete pg 10 and 11 Ordering Numbers in your orange Maths exercise book (remembering our presentation rules).

Short date- 26-3-20  LO: To compare numbers

When comparing numbers, copy out both numbers and write the greater than or less than symbol in between them.  Instead of ringing the answers for Q2 and 3, just write out the answer.

(There is no wish and RS for this lesson)

Multiplication - Times Tables Rockstars Complete 3 x garage, 3 x studio

French –  Practise French number using this website (you will need the sound turned on!) Afterwards, try counting up and down only in French.

This website seems quite busy today. If it doesn't load first time, try reopening it. If not, you may want to try later in the day!

Music – We are going to focus on a piece of music by a famous composer. Watch the video on the website below and read about ‘O fortuna’. You can also watch an orchestra and choir perform this piece.

PE – Choose a PE activity

Other- Practise improving sentences (this website can take a long time to load) 

Resources for Thursday 25th