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Please do not begin this work until Thursday 9th July 2020


Good morning Year 5

Remember to log on to I am Learning by 10am – your teacher can see when you have logged on.  


If you run out of space in any exercise books (orange Maths or yellow English book), please ask an adult to contact the office to arrange to pick up a new one.


Optional PE: complete a daily challenge

Spelling (20 minutes)

Complete the task below in a notebook or on lined paper.

Reading (20 minutes)

Continue to read the book that you have chosen this week. Discuss the book with someone at home.  


Arithmetic (20 minutes)

Mark your answers from yesterday. You will find the answers at the top of this page.

Then complete the task on I am Learning – Fractions as numbers. Remember to convert the fractions to equivalent fractions with the same denominator to help you.


Geography (1 hour)


Firstly, watch this video, make notes and try the quiz at the bottom of the page.


Task 1: Fill in the missing words below.

How tectonic plates move.



Missing words:

Convection currents, plates, shake, plate boundary, crust, moving, meet, mantle, shell.


The __________ of the earth – the outer most layer of the earth, is constantly __________ . It floats around on top of the __________ and it is being moved by __________ __________ . The crust is cracked into pieces called tectonic plates and these tectonic plates are a bit like the __________ of an egg. These convection currents move around the mantle like a conveyor belt moving the huge __________ above them. Earthquakes occur when two tectonic plates __________. The huge forces cause the whole ground to __________ . The place where two tectonic plates meet is called a __________


Task 2:

Click on the Earthquake PDF. Complete the task about measuring earthquakes. You could print the sheet out or do your drawings in 12 boxes on plain paper.

RE (1 hour)

Last week, you identified ways to create peace/harmony in the community. Think of all of the different groups in our community and make a list of them for example, football teams, children, adults, pensioners, males, females, different religions etc. What unites humans and what divides us? What does the word ‘unity’ mean? Why is unity important?

If you were elected Mayor…

Imagine that you had been elected as the Mayor of Walsall. What would you do to promote good relations between different communities? First, plan your ideas. Then, prepare a speech to show how you would achieve this for the community. Think back to the ideas you had last week about how to create harmony in the community. When writing your speech, consider how to engage the audience (repetition, rhetorical questions, emotive language, statistics etc).


Votes for schools (20 minutes)

See this information on the class pages. Discuss your thoughts with your family.