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Independent Task



Yesterday, you continued to draft your narrative poem in the style of Roald Dahl's 'Revolting Rhymes'. Today, spend some time finishing your draft before editing it. Remember to think about when to start a new stanza, keep the lines a similar length and maintain a regular rhyming pattern. When complete, edit your poem in green pen. Proof-read for spelling or punctuation errors and think about which words can be substituted for better ones. 


Task 1 - 

Think about what makes a good poetry performance.

Watch the video to identify how to bring the words to life.


Practise performing your poem. Try to learn some of the poem by heart.

Perform your poem for someone at home.


You may also like to choose another poem to prepare and perform. You might have a favourite poem or would like to search for a poem today. Practise reading the poem aloud. Again, you could perform the poem to someone at home. 


Task 2 - 

Now, publish your poem neatly on a new page in your English book. Remember to put the title first and join some of your letters like we have been in class. 




Mark your Maths work from Wednesday

Assembly - Be Bright, be seen 

Follow the link to take a look at this week's optional competition.

Design and Technology

‘Design and make your own interactive information page for Infant pupils using a lever mechanism.’


Choose an animal to create an information page about. See picture example.


Task 1:

On a piece of A4 paper to create their information page based on animal.


Remember to leave a space where they will attach their lever mechanism to their information page.


Task 2:

On paper, design the mechanism they are going to use for their information page.

Drawing out what they plan to do (diagram/labels)



Remember that today your homework has been set. Visit the homework page to find this week's tasks.