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Good morning Year 6.  J


Reading – Please read for at least 20 minutes.  Today we would like for you to write a prediction about what might happen next in your book.


Reading comprehension – Complete the Reading Set A Paper.  Complete the full test in 1hour. 

Please time yourself! 

If you do go over in time, complete the answers in pencil.  If you finish in less than an hour, make sure to go back and check your answers.

Remember – annotate the texts! Read the instructions carefully.


Mark ‘Olympic Torch Relay, Day 52’ and ‘Poems about Seasons’ p.12-15



I'm sorry - I forgot to set the Grammar work yesterday - :o 

Please complete these papers today and this week's homework will be to mark them (using answers below)


Please complete the Grammar Set A paper in the allocated time provided. (45 minutes). 

Please Complete KS2 SAT Buster 10 minute tests Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Set C Test 3


Homework this week was going to be to finish any unfinished work anyway - so if you have fallen behind on anything, don't panic but try to catch up over the weekend. :) 

Mark  ‘CGP Grammar paper Set A’


Mark  KS2 SAT Buster 10 minute tests Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Set C Test 3. 


If there are any questions in either test that you are unsure of, or a particular topic you were unsure of, please tell your teacher. 

Also – please let your teacher know what score you got.  We may ask about which questions you go wrong, so we can plan future lessons and revisions to suit your needs – we won’t be upset or annoyed – so please be honest! J

Art/D&T Who is Frida Kahlo?

Use the fact file  read about Frida Kahlo.


Frida often painted self-portraits.



This is one of her self-portraits called ‘The Frame’, Frida has drawn herself in the middle of a very colourful frame.

Think about why Frida drew the frame like this.

What would you add to your frame? What do you like? What do you want people to know about you?


TASK: Draw a self-portrait with an added frame which shows your personality.


PE – please exercise for at least 20minutes a day.