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Good morning Year 6!

We hope you are all still doing well - remember you can contact us any time if you need help, or are feeling worried about anything. 

Don't forget the Easter competitions too (although you may want to wait and do these over the holidays). 

They can be found in the Distance Learning folder - in 'Other activities'.  Our first entry has already been added. Go and have a look! smiley


Reading – Please complete at least 20 minutes of reading. Does the author use ‘show not tell’? Can you find evidence in the text? Hint: what extra details can you infer about the characters?


Reading comprehension 1 hour

Complete the Reading Set B Paper.  Complete the full test in 1hour.  Please time yourself!  If you do go over in time, complete the answers in pencil.  If you finish in less than an hour, make sure to go back and check your answers.

Remember – annotate the texts! Read the instructions carefully.


GAPS – (marking 20 minutes, activities 40 minutes)

Mark  CGP Grammar paper Set B

If there are any questions you are unsure of, please let your teacher know.

-Use the recommended grammar websites to revise topics you are unsure of. (BBC bitesize is probably the best). 


  • CGP Targeted Question Book – Confusing Words p.94-98

Art/D&T –(2 hours)

Improve your drawing technique.

TASK: Draw from observed still life paying particular attention to shading and texture.

You could choose an object from your home.

You may sketch a pet or family member as they are reading, sitting etc.


Aim to use a good pencil and add in key details such as texture (materials) and shading to show light.

Prioritise a really detailed drawing using the skills we were learning in school, rather than colouring in. 


This is a 2 hour lesson - so just like in school, spend time working on different ideas before settling on your final composition.  And once you've finished, think about 'What Went Well' and 'Even Better If' (WWW and EBI). 


You can complete this work on some of the plain paper we gave you - if you have already used it, your exercise book will be fine. 


You may choose to follow one of the following tutorials to practise your mastery of drawing:

PE –  Complete at least one of the activities provided.  (daily 20mins)