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Please do not begin this work until Thursday 26th March 2020.


First, remember to send a message (by 10am) on I Am Learning to your teacher to count as your register mark. 


Mark your maths work from yesterday - Textbook 1 p.57. You will find the answers at the top of this page. Please mark answers neatly in green pen and correct any errors.


Maths – Use the revision sheet in your pack to revise Roman Numerals. Complete the task on I Am Learning ‘Roman Numerals (Advanced)’.

Then complete CGP Year 5 Targeted Question Book p.11 in your Maths book. Remember the presentation rules (write the short date and the page number as your sub-heading, 1 digit per square, use a pencil and write the number as well as the Roman Numerals).

Mrs Heminsley’s maths group 2 as above.


Reading – KS2 English Comprehension Year 5 Targeted Question Book p.28-29 ‘Wolves in the UK’. Look up any vocabulary you do not know and annotate on the text. Complete the questions in the book neatly in blue pen.


Continue reading your chosen e-book.


Spelling - practise spellings. Use the practice sheet (write, write, cover and write) to practise and test. You will find the sheet in your pack to complete this on. Please do this neatly in blue pen. Mark your spellings in green and correct any errors.


ought, nought, rough, though, thorough, plough, roughest, fraught, programme, queue  


Follow the link below. Select Yrs 5&6 then select patterns and click on –ough


RE –

LO: To understand the Easter story.

WISH 1: I understand the Easter story.

WISH 2: I can retell the Easter story.

WISH 3: I can explain the Christian meaning of Easter.


Read the Easter story

What is Lent? What happened on Psalm Sunday? What happens during Holy Week?

Psalm Sunday -

Holy week and Psalm Sunday -

Maundy Thursday  -

Good Friday -

Good website to use -


TASK – On A4 paper, create a fact file all about Easter. You should include -

  • Good Friday/Palm Sunday/Lent
  • Why Easter is important to Christians
  • How it is celebrated in a Christian community
  • Symbols - why we associate bunnies and eggs with Easter
  • Pictures/fact boxes
  • Remember to write neatly in blue pen, draw pictures in pencil and check grammar, punctuation and spelling


PE –  Complete at least one of the activities provided (daily for 20 mins).


Votes for schools – see this information on the class pages