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Today's task

Well done to everyone in your first week of distance learning. We hope that you are coping with the work. You can message through Iamlearning to let us Miss Bean or Mr Hale know how you are getting on with the Maths work. Last week you began working through the Stretch book focusing on Number and Place Value. The last part of learning in this area was Roman Numerals which you completed on Friday. The answers are included today. There's only 4 marks for this - good luck!


Today we would like you to attempt two taks - the Mixed Practice questions on pages 8 and 9 which checks your understanding of all parts of last week's work. Why not time yourself today - allow 30 minutes to complete these pages. You can answer these in your Stretch book today but remember any working out must be shown in your orange exercise book. In addition to this, answer the ten arithmetic questions all about calculating with decimals. Write out the questions and answer in your exercise book. Allow 10 minutes to answer these - Good luck!