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PLEASE NOTEwe have now added a suggested timetable onto our distance learning page for you to follow if it helps you to organise your day. You do not have to follow these times - talk to an adult at home to help you decide what would work for you and your family. We understand that you may need to share computers with siblings.We have also added a guideline to show the maximum amount of time your teachers believe should be spent on each activity before you stop to have a break or move onto something new!  

Please do not start this work until Tuesday 31st March.
Remember, your first task is to message your class teacher on I Am Learning before 10 am. 





Read CH7 of ‘I Was There’ - Look up any vocabulary you do not know in a dictionary as you read.


Reading comprehension

Using your Y4 Reading CGP book, answer the questions on Pg 11 in your CGP book. Don’t forget to refer back to the text before answering. You can underline your answers in the text if this helps.


Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Spelling- Ask someone to test you on this week’s words: confuse, confusion, suspend, suspension, politician, physician, supervise, supervision, strength, suppose
Then, send a message to your teacher telling them your spelling score. Remember to keep practising any words you got wrong.
Look Cover Write next week’s words: veil, neigh, survey, league, unique, scientist, catalogue, adolescent, therefore, through . We will now be looking at words which use ie/ei within their spelling.
Do this in a notebook at home, if you do not have a spare notebook, use your small, beige notebook. If you don’t know the meaning of any of these words, look them up in a dictionary or on

You could also practise the words using stained glass spelling or spelling ladders.


Handwriting – Complete sheet 13 and 14 in blue pen



Mark Spring 1 Arithmetic test- Make any corrections and try and work out any errors you made. Corrections should be done in green pen. Using the answers below.
Log onto My Maths and complete: Y4 Time Calculation
Task: Watch:
Then, using your Y4 Maths CGP  book, complete pg 44 perimeter in your Maths  exercise book.

Short date: 31/03/20   LO: To find perimeters

For each question, draw a copy of the shape (using your pencil and ruler) and mark on the length of each side before calculating the perimeter). Remember to keep your work as neat as possible and use a sharp pencil and ruler when drawing shapes.  
Multiplication - Times Tables Rockstars Complete 3 x garage, 3 x studio


Starter: Warm up your drawing skills by doing some doodling on some scrap paper!
Then, watch again pausing as you try to draw a 3D box. If you do not have any plain paper, use your coloured sugar paper or your beige notebook.
Then, choose and items from your house. This could be a vegetable, a piece of fruit and toy or an ornament. Place it in the light so you have some shadow reflecting off it and practice your skills of adding light and dark to create shadows and reflections.


PE – Choose an activity off the website if you have not already completed 30 minutes exercise.


Other-  Practise your spelling- Select Y3/4 words then click on the bird houses to change between different sets of words. Aim to choose words you find tricky to spell so that you can improve your spelling!

Arithmetic Answers