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Please do not begin this work until Tuesday 21st April 2020


Please Note: We have added a suggested timetable onto our distance learning page for you follow if it helps you to organise your day. You do not have to follow these times – talk to an adult at home to decide what will work best for you. If you are following your own timetable, we have added a time in brackets which is a guideline to show how long each activity might take.


First, remember to send a message (by 10am) on I Am Learning to your teacher to count as your register mark.


PE with Joe Wicks (30 minutes)


Grammar (40 minutes) –

Mark KS2 English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling p.14 ‘Determiners.’ You will find the answers at the top of this page. Use your green pen to mark and edit your answers.


Revise subordinating conjunctions using the following link.


Now complete ‘Commas after subordinate clauses’ p.44-45 of the CGP KS2 English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling textbook in your English book. Remember our presentation rules: use your school blue pen, write the long date, write the sub-heading with the page number and title in the book, write neatly choosing where to join letters and check spelling and punctuation. When completing questions from this book, please write the full sentence out then follow the instruction in the question e.g. underline/add words/tick sentences etc.


Reading (30 minutes) –

Mark your reading task from yesterday – Science News puzzle. You will find the answers at the top of this page. Use your green pen to mark and edit your answers.


Read the World News stories from First News. Then answer comprehension questions 1-10 in your English book (remember the presentation rules). For questions that require a longer response, write in full sentences. Remember to look back at the news article to help you find key information.  

Spelling (20 minutes) –

New words –

thought, thoughtful, enough, dough, trough, drought, ploughman, slaughter, rhyme, secretary


Look up the definitions of any words that you are not familiar with. In a notebook or on paper, practise spelling the words (write, write, cover and write, cover and write, check). Practise any you do not spell correctly.


Arithmetic (10 minutes) –

Complete the ‘Negative Numbers’ Arithmetic questions in your Maths book. Remember our presentation rules.

Maths (1 hour) –

Mark your Maths work from yesterday – Roman Numerals. You will find the answers at the top of this page. Please mark answers neatly in green pen and correct any errors.


Complete ‘Measurement Problems’ on I am Learning. Please make sure that you watch the lesson video first before answering the questions.


French (1 hour) – Items for Sale at the Market


1. Watch the above video in which Tom sorts out toys and clothes he no longer wants and sells them at the local market or vide-grenier. After you have watched the video once, watch it again and try to pronounce the French words that pop up on the screen. Repeat after the person saying them.


2. Using what you saw and heard in the video, can you write the English words or phrases for the French vocabulary in the video? You could type this on your computer or write it out on lined paper or in a notebook. Use this French dictionary to help you or to double check your answers.




des jouets


des chapeaux


un tricycle


des patins


des vidéos


ma tirelire


de la vaisselle


des vêtements


des timbres


des CDs


le tambourin


les palmes


des chaussures


des peluches


Un siège-auto


une grenouille



3. Have a go at completing the crossword (download the pdf and print it if you can or complete on paper). The Clues are in English but the ten answers are from the French words/phrases listed above. There is a gap in between the French words so some boxes on the crossword will be empty! For example, ma tirelire is an answer in the crossword. You WOULD leave an empty box in between ma and tirelire. Answers for both task 2 and 3 will be published tomorrow.



Music (30 minutes) –

Listen to Miles Davis who was an American composer, jazz trumpet player and band leader who played a major part in introducing new styles of jazz. He introduced electric piano and electric bass into his band, playing in a brand new style which mixed jazz with rock.


Whilst listening to the music (link above), think about these questions:

  1. Do you like the tune? Why/why not?
  2. What instruments can you hear?
  3. What emotions do you feel when you hear the song? E.g. sad, happy.
  4. Do you prefer this song or Louis Armstrong’s (the last artist you learnt about?) Why?


Votes for Schools (30 minutes)

See this information on the class pages. Discuss your thoughts with your family.