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Tuesday 19th May

Remember, your first job everyday is to send a 'Good Morning'  message to your class teacher on I Am Learning by 10 am.

Don't forget to include your scores from yesterday's Maths and English end of lesson quizzes!


If you run out of space in any exercise books (orange Maths or yellow English book), please ask an adult to contact the office to arrange to pick up a new one.

Additional distance learning tasks: 


Spelling- Ask someone to test you on this week’s words

Scheme, choir, chalet, chic, knot, not, missed, mist, monarch, chauffeur

Then, send a message to your teacher telling them your spelling score. Remember to keep practising any words you got wrong.

Look Cover Write these words:  

Ache stomach parachute charade mail male wood would architect chandelier

The spelling test will be after half-term- Aim for 10/10 as you have 2 weeks to learn them!

We are now starting to look at homophones (words that sound the same but have a different spelling and meaning). For these words, you must know the definition so you know which spelling to choose when writing the word in a sentence.

Some of these are tricky words- ask someone at home to help you pronounce any you are unsure about.

Do this in a notebook at home, if you do not have a spare notebook, use your small, beige notebook.

If you don’t know the meaning of any of these words, look them up in a dictionary or on

You could practise the words using stained glass spelling or spelling ladders.



Practise your handwriting by copying and completing the activities below in your beige notebook.

You should answer the question using joined handwriting.


Multiplication - Times Tables Rockstars



Your challenge today is to create a piece of art based on different textures.

  1. Split a piece of paper into 8 sections (fold in half 3 times). Fill up each section with a different texture. E.g. stippling, cross-hatching, shading, rubbings. You can use different colours if you like or just use pencil.
  2. Cut out or rip out shapes using each section of your piece of paper. If you want to be precise, draw on top of your paper the shape you would like to cut out.
  3. Lay your shapes on top of blank piece of paper to create a piece of art work. You could be inspired by an animal or insect, space, a place that is special to you- anything you want!

Open the document below for an example based on the ocean!


PE- Choose an activity to complete for 30 minutes