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Tuesday 28th April

Remember, your first job everyday is to send a 'Good Morning'  message to your class teacher on I Am Learning by 10 am.

Don't forget to include your scores from yesterday's Maths and English quiz!


If you run out of space in any exercise books (orange Maths or yellow English book), please ask an adult to contact the office to arrange to pick up a new one.


REMINDER- We are starting to use Oak National Academy for English and Maths. You will still be set additional work by your class teacher which you can see below.

If you have any issues, before contacting your class teacher, please check the user guides and instructions which are on your distance learning page under 'Oak National Academy resources'. 

You will send today's English and Maths scores to your class teacher tomorrow when you send your good morning message via I Am Learning. 


Additional distance learning:

Reading- First News has now been updated. You can find the latest issue on the 'Class Pages' section of our website then click on 'First News' at the bottom of the page (below Votes 4 Schools). 

Optional Homework Projects- We have added some additional projects which you may choose to complete. You can find this page on our Year 4 Distance Learning Page. 


Spelling- Ask someone to test you on this week’s words beige, eighteen, surveyor, plague, antique, scenery, colleague, isosceles, though, although

Then, send a message to your teacher telling them your spelling score. Remember to keep practising any words you got wrong.

Look Cover Write next week’s words: reign, sleigh, convey, rogue, cheque, discipline, grotesque, disciple, thought, various

Some of these are tricky words- ask someone at home to help you pronounce any you are unsure about.

Do this in a notebook at home, if you do not have a spare notebook, use your small, beige notebook.

If you don’t know the meaning of any of these words, look them up in a dictionary or on

You could practise the words using stained glass spelling or spelling ladders.



Practise your handwriting by copying and completing the activities below in your beige notebook.

You should answer the question using joined handwriting.

Think about: Where would you travel? Who would you travel with? What activities would you like to do? What food would you like to eat? 

For my dream holiday I would like to go... I would travel with.... When I get there, I would...  Then,.... Also,....

Multiplication - Times Tables Rockstars


Research an artist of your choice from the list below using the links provided:  

Henri Mattisse-

Pablo Picasso - 

Vincent Van Gogh -

Find out: When they were born, where they lived and the style of artwork they created. Choose your favourite piece of artwork by the artist and explain why you like it. You can present your research in your notebook, on  a piece of paper or using Word or PowerPoint. 

PE- Choose an activity to complete for 30 minutes