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Tuesday 6th


English 3

(1 hour)

LO: To be able to use ‘and’ and ‘but’ to join sentences.

WISH 1: I know the reason for using ‘and’ and ‘but’

WISH 2: I can use ‘and’ to join similar ideas.

WISH 3: I can use ‘but’ to join opposite ideas.


Handwriting (10mins)

Small letters 21 (d) - This sheet will be emailed to parents.


Phonics (10mins)

Speed Sounds lesson

Sound – ear (special friends). Ues the YouTube Video –


Grammar and Punctuation

Think about the co-ordinating conjunctions we looked at yesterday. 'and' 'but'


Play ‘Splat’ (PPT will be linked below)

This could be done with someone at home or just play on your own and see how many points you get.


How to play:

Play in pairs and have an A4 sheet with the two conjunctions on – ‘and’ and ‘but’.


Go through the Powerpoint slides with a series of sentences with the conjunctions missing.


Compete against your partner to read the board and ‘Splat’ the right choice of conjunction using their hand (like Snap).


Each slide is followed by an answer slide.


Maths 2

 (1 hour)

L.O: To subtract using counting up (M7b/M7c)

Wish 1: I can identify the next multiple of 10.

Wish 2: I can hop to the next 10 and on using smaller jumps.

Wish 3: I can use number facts and place value to make bigger jumps.



Look below the table to see how to set out your work for today.


We are continuing to work on subtractions using Frog Method.




More subtraction by counting up textbook sheet. Page 79 This page will be emailed to parents.



At the top of the page, it says Grab a bead string. - You do not need this.

Follow the pictures below to show your working out.


PE (1 hour)

We are learning tennis skills so if possible try to use a tennis racket to practice hitting a ball.


Can you keep hitting it up on your own?

Can you use it to bounce it on the ground?

Can you do a rally with a partner?


Last week we taught the children the ‘ready position’ – where you stand with legs apart at shoulder width and bent slightly. We then practiced doing side steps (like a crab) to go from one cone to another and practiced picking up a ball with the correct hand (see video below).


Have a good at practising this at home.


You could also go on to the internet and do a Joe Wicks PE lesson on You Tube.

Computing (1 hour)

The children will be learning how to open up Internet browsers on the school netbooks. If you have a computer, show your child how to open Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and MS Edge and discuss how to use the address bar to type in websites.


Discuss how Google can be used to search for sites.


If you don’t have a computer, try to do similar on a tablet or smart phone using whatever browser you have (Android Internet, Chrome, Safari etc).


Discuss how by adding ‘for kids’ will provide more suitable results.


Discuss safety issues and also how not all websites can be believed as anyone can set up a website.


(30 minutes)

LO – To understand the feelings I might have when things change.

Wish 1 – I know that I can’t always control things.

Wish 2 – I know some things I can do to cope with change.

Wish 3 – I can discuss how I could cope with certain situations.


Go through the slides and discuss feelings that people might get when things change. You could discuss the scenarios with your child on slide 5.