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Good morning Year 6! 

Please remember to write a message to your teacher every day on iamLearning by 10am AT THE LATEST! This is your register and if you fail to do this, you will be recorded as absent or late. 


Reading – Please continue reading for at least 20 minutes.  Record notes  or ideas from the text that tell you what audience and level of formality your author is aiming for in your reading journal.


Reading comprehension

Please mark 'Born on a Blue Day' and 'Hostages to handheld devices' - use your green pen. 

  • If there were any words in the texts you didn’t know, look them up and annotate your text with them

Let your teacher know if you aren't sure of any of the answers. 

Please complete  KS2 Comprehension Targeted Question Book – Complete ‘Cider With Rosie’ p.10-11 (This should take around 20 minutes)

- Once you’ve finished, look up any words you were unsure of.  Did they alter your understanding of the text?

-Challenge:  Come up with Another 2 mark question for the text and write the mark scheme for it too.  Share this with your teacher on iamLearning 




Mark KS2 SAT Buster 10 minute tests Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Set C Test 2.


Mark KS2 Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling  Section 10 – Apostrophes p.52-55


 If there are any questions you are unsure of, please let your teacher know. 

Plan your story based on the video ‘Ruin’. 

Whose perspective will the story be from?

What is happening? Why is it happening?

This is going to be a short story (approximately 2 pages in total) so your story may be ended as a cliff-hanger.  Or you may want to jump straight into the action, filling in some back-story as you go, leaving the reader with some intriguing questions.

Plan your character thinking about the following:

Name/ Age/ Appearance /Family or friends/ home/ personality (good and bad traits)/ other interesting details.

If you have finished your plan, you can start your opening – but we will be writing this up tomorrow.


Research and answer these questions in your book. 


What is adaptation?

How may a plant adapt to its environment?

How do cacti grow in the desert?

Why are there not many plants in the Arctic tundra?


Task: Complete the worksheet given.



Complete at least one of the activities provided.