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Tuesday 7th July

Good morning Year 4!

Please remember to log on to I am learning by 10 am. Your class teacher can see when you have logged on and will be checking this daily. 

Spelling- Log onto I Am Learning and complete the spelling homework that has been set. You will be asked to select the correct spelling for each sentence. Make sure your spelling words are hidden- don’t be tempted to look!

You can also ask someone to test you on your spellings if you would like:

Brake break fair fare grate great groan grown berry bury

Your teacher will see your score on I Am Learning.


This was our last set of spellings!

We would like you focus now on practising the words you do not know from the Year 3 and 4 spelling list (which can be found on the Year 4 homework page)

In Year 5, you will start the Year 5 and 6 spelling list so it is really important that you feel confident with the words from Year 3 and 4.


Maths: Please complete the next arithmetic paper Spring Test 5. You have until Thursday to do this. We will put the answers on the website on Thursday. 



Today, you need to copy the words below into your yellow English book. Think carefully about which letters you will join.

Multiplication - Times Tables Rockstars


Week 6 – Finishing touches

Before your castle design can be finished, you need one more important thing. A flag!
You have free choice in the design and colour choice for the flag. You can choose to use a pattern or create a more intricate flag with animals or a coat of arms on. You may wish to research some flags before beginning your design.

Optional Task: Make a model of your castle. You could use anything you have available at home e.g lego blocks, cardboard boxes or materials that would be recycled. If you do this, make sure you e-mail in a photo so that your teacher can see!


PE- Choose an activity to complete for 30 minutes

Optional: Complete a daily challenge