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Good morning!

Please note: Work listed on here is the priority for completion.  With the exception of French, work set on iamLearning is for revision and fun (I know lots of you like earning coins for your avatars).

Check the timings of activities set and try to stick to them - if something is taking longer than it should, let your teacher know.  Remember that just like in school, some work takes some people longer than others, but they will find other tasks quicker and easier.

Your homework will always be to complete unfinished tasks (as you would have been asked to do in school), so don't feel like you can't let yourself have a break. And again - remember that if you are getting lots of left over work at the end of the day, let your teacher know so they can tell you what to prioritise. 

You are doing brilliantly - keep it up.  The Year 6 team. 



Reading – Continue reading for at least 20 mins

Collect words and phrases of interest and add them to your Reading Journal.  


Reading comprehension – 10 minutes


Complete KS2 SAT Buster 10 minute tests Reading Set C Test 2


GAPS – 20 minutes  

Mark GGP Grammar Book – Section 9: Brackets and Dashes p.48-51

Section 16: Confusing Words. P.88-91

Writing –  ( 1 hour)

Watch the video.

You will be writing a journal from the character’s point of view tomorrow, today I would like you to be making notes and planning.

As you watch, think of similes and metaphors that will help you to describe the setting.

Start writing your first entry to the journal. 

Science (2 hours) – evolution of a horse

What is evolution?

How/why do species evolve?


Read the evolution of a horse comic and look at the timeline of a horse.

Use the following links to do some additional research.

Evolution of a horse comic

Evolution of a horse timeline

Watch out for changes in size, the change from toes to a hoof and the changes dentition where the position of the teeth change and the type of teeth change in response to the change in diet from primarily browsing leaves to primarily eating grasses.


TASK – Write up how a horse has evolved from Hyracotherium to a modern horse we see today.

Use the following subheadings to organise your writing:

  • What is evolution?
  • Hyracotherium
  • Mesohippus
  • Merychippus
  • modern horse
  • Conclusion

You may also want to add images and fact boxes from your research.


PE – Complete at least one of the activities provided.  (daily 20mins)