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Well done everyone on completing their first day of 'Distance Learning', particularly those who messaged us by 10am. Please remember to do this as your first job of the day.

We hope you are all well and up and dressed, ready for the live PE lesson with Joe Wicks at 9am. Mr W will be doing it (and maybe even post a pic for you to see)!

Here is today's activities and answers to mark the maths from yesterday. Remember to use your green pen. If you had lots of mistakes, try to go through it with an adult.

Monday Maths work answers - 


Green and Yellow Mathematicians   


Green and Yellow mathematicians  


Red Mathematicians 


24th March


Reading – Read Ch 2 of The Firework-Maker’s Daughter and discuss with an adult

GAPS – Watch

CGP Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling – Apostrophes for singular possession p52 and p53.  Complete I am learning activity.



Mark work from yesterday- answers uploaded.

Complete I am Learning activity.

Play a game with a partner. Write down a 3-digit number and hide it from your partner. They are to ask questions to try and work out your number e.g. How many 100s does it have? Your partner then tries to create a bigger number than yours. Check then repeat.

Complete Arithmetic Spring test 1. Time yourself give yourself 30 minutes.


Multiplication – Try to complete 3 Garages and Studios daily. You can do a Soundcheck too but this has been set to do every Friday.




Research and create a fact file about the classical period and famous composers. Your fact file must include:

  • What was the classical period?
  • When was the classical period?
  • What instruments were used in the classical period?
  • Features of the classical period and how these were different from the romantic period.
  • Composers from that period and famous pieces of music

Use these websites to help you:



Watch story and discuss with an adult.



I Am Learning – Place value (3 digits)

KS2 English – Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation Y3 – Apostrophes for possession (intermediate)



Votes for Schools



Reading Cloud – Continue reading your e-book