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Good morning! 1st April. Anybody played an April Fools yet? Here's mine - no work today.....




Only joking. Here are today's activities.

Answers for yesterday's English:


Collins - Grammar and Punctuation Book 1

Speech Marks p12-13

Getting Started

  1. Ahmed said, “I will put the books away.”
  2. Bami said, “I will tidy up the cupboard.”
  3. “I will clean the brushes,” said James.
  4. “I will feed the rabbit,” said Lucy.

Now try these

Accept any appropriate answers, e.g.

  1. “It is on the bed,” her mum answered.
  2. “I would like a computer please,” replied John.
  3. “It looks like it might rain,” the woman said.
  4. The girl said, “Take the next left and follow the road to the end.”

Practise your punctuation

  1. Can you come out to play? Colin asked.
  2. I cannot find my tie anywhere, Mr Bentall grumbled.
  3. Be quick or we will miss the bus, called Laila.
  4. Your tea is on the table, Mrs Carter said to her son.
  5. The weather is horrible today, complained Mr Shah.

Maths Answers 


Green and Yellows 





1st April


Mark - Collins Grammar and Punctuation – Speech marks p12 and p13 in green pen

Reading – Read Ch 5 of The Firework-Maker’s Daughter and discuss with an adult

Handwriting – CGP Handwriting – Consonant Combinations p12 and 13

Complete the I am learning activity.




Mark work from yesterday – answers will be uploaded

Complete lesson and activity finding fractions beginner 2 on I am learning.



Multiplication – Try to complete 3 Garages and Studios daily. You can do a Soundcheck too but this has been set to do every Friday.



‘Days and Months’ I am Learning


I Am Learning –

finding fractions beginner 2


French ‘Days and Months’


KS2 English – Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation Y3 – Possessive pronouns



Votes for Schools



Reading Cloud – Log on and complete a book review for the e-book you took out last week



Daily Challenge 


For today's daily challenge why don't you have a go at completing this word search. See how many words you can find. You may want to time your self to see how quickly you can find all the words.