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Wednesday 22nd April

Remember, your first job everyday is to send a 'Good Morning'  message to your class teacher by 10 am.


If you run out of space in any exercise books (orange Maths or yellow English book), please ask an adult to contact the office to arrange to pick up a new one.



Mark your reading comprehension on Page 12 and 13

Using your yellow English book- put the date and LO- Remember our presentation rules. You must use blue pen and clear, legible handwriting. If you make a mistake, cross out with your pencil and ruler.

Wednesday 22nd April 2020   LO: To answer questions on a text

Open the PDF below- Chapter 1 Questions (you will need your copy of 1066 I was there)


Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling

Mark your work- pg 8 and 9 of your Grammar CGP book using green pen.

Read the information on pg 68 about Prefixes (dis and mis). Complete the work on pages 68 and 69 in your yellow English book in blue pen. Remember our presentation rules including crossing out errors with pencil and ruler.

Wednesday 22nd April 2020  LO: To use prefixes  


We practised handwriting for 2 weeks before Easter and now we would like to work on handwriting in a different way. Each day, we will set some joins to practise and a question to answer. When you answer the question, you should aim to write a paragraph using your best handwriting. You may wish to use a separate notebook at home for your journaling as you may wish to look back at your answers in the future! If you do not have a notebook at home, use your beige notebook.

UPLOAD Journaling prompts and handwriting practise


As a starter, watch  

Then, write the date and LO in your orange Maths book.                                                                                             22-04-20   LO To add and subtract using column method.

Mark yesterday’s work on p19 in green pen.

If needed, look at the addition and subtraction work and examples from Monday and Tuesday.

Log on to My Maths and complete the addition and subtraction exercises. Do any working out needed in your Maths book.

Complete p48 and 49 CPG book ‘Money’  in your orange Maths book using your addition and subtraction skills to answer. If you want to use multiplying for some calculations too that’s OK.

Don’t forget to use £ or p for money problems.

Multiplication - Times Tables Rockstars


Go to this page:

Read the text information on the traders and explorers.

Click on each Viking to learn more information on where they travelled to and what they discovered.

Then read How did they find their way?

Watch the video on the long ships and read the information with it.

Once you have watched the video try to name the parts of the longboat from memory.

Make a list in your small, beige notebook then check if you were correct by revisiting the website. 

PE- Choose an activity to complete for 30 minutes

Other – Choose a project from our optional projects page and work on it during the week