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Please do not begin this work until Wednesday 10th June 2020


Remember, your first job every day is to send a 'Good Morning' message to your class teacher on I Am Learning by 10 am. Remember to include your scores from the end of lesson English quiz and end of lesson Maths quiz.


If you run out of space in any exercise books (orange Maths or yellow English book), please ask an adult to contact the office to arrange to pick up a new one.


PE with Joe Wicks (30 minutes)

Optional PE: complete a daily challenge

Spelling (20 minutes)  

Mark your sentences from yesterday.

The farther I went across the river the deeper it got.

Buddy has been banned from playing football for a week.

The teacher reads aloud to the class at least once a day.

I couldn’t make myself heard above the noise.  

She guessed the answer.


This week’s words –

farther, father, band, banned, heard, herd, aloud, allowed, guessed, guest

Write your own sentences using the new words. Remember to check and mark your spelling. 


Arithmetic (20 minutes)

Mark your questions from yesterday. You will find the answers at the top of this page. Then, in your Maths book, complete the calculations from the sheet below ‘Inverse operations 2’.

Reading (30 minutes)

Continue to read your chosen book.


Continue reading this week’s edition of First News. You can find this on our website / children / class pages / first news / First News 5th June - 11th June. Tell someone at home something that you have found out from this week’s edition.


History (1 ½ hours)

We will be continuing to discover important historic events that occurred between 1920 and 2020. This week, take a look at the famous scientist Alexander Fleming. Alexander Fleming was a Scottish scientist who discovered the first antibiotic drug, penicillin in 1928. Write a biography about him and his most important discoveries. Spend 30 minutes making notes/researching him and then spend the remaining time writing up your biography neatly. Remember to use blue pen for writing information. You can use crayons / felt tips to colour in titles or pictures. We would love to see your work. Ask your parents to take a photograph and email it to the school office to share with your class teacher.


Here is a list of websites you could use to help you:


Your biography should include -

  • An opening paragraph - summarises main points in their life
  • Early Life/personality
  • Main achievements/important events and facts
  • How they will be remembered/their legacy to the world
  • Third person
  • Past tense
  • Evidence of passive voice
  • Chronological order and dates to show when events happened
  • Written in clear paragraphs
  • Included feelings, reactions and opinions
  • Adverbs/adverbial phrases
  • Detailed description using powerful verbs and adjectives
  • Include coloured pictures with captions if you wish
  • Concluded with a reflection