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Tuesday's Answers

Please do not begin this work until Wednesday 24th June 2020


Good morning Year 5


If you run out of space in any exercise books (orange Maths or yellow English book), please ask an adult to contact the office to arrange to pick up a new one.


PE with Joe Wicks (30 minutes)

Optional PE: complete a daily challenge

Spelling (20 minutes)  

This week’s words –

desert, dessert, flaw, floor, steal, steel, bored, board, draft, draught

Create yourself little revision cards to help you remember the word and its definition. Use the word in a sentence too.


Arithmetic (20 minutes)

Mark your work from yesterday (Percentages 1). You will find the answers at the top of this page.

Then complete the task ‘Percentages of amounts 1’ on My Maths. Remember that it is a good idea to have some paper to make jottings.


Reading (20 minutes)

Read some of this week’s edition of First News. You can find this on our website / children / class pages / first news / First News 19th June - 25th June. Tell someone at home something that you have found out from this week’s edition.


Continue to read the book that you have chosen. Discuss the book with someone at home. You could use some of the questions in the document below.

History (2 hours)

We will be continuing to look at important events during the last 100 years.


Task 1: Read some of the information on the websites below and watch the videos whilst making notes about Indian Independence.


Task 2: Create a non-fiction report about Indian Independence using the above websites. Your report should include:


  • An underlined title
  • An introduction paragraph explaining what the report is about
  • Sub-headings
  • Paragraphs based on different themes/topics
  • A conclusion repeating the key facts
  • Pictures/diagrams with captions
  • Glossary (you could highlight the words in your writing or write them in bold)
  • Third person
  • Factual information only


Remember that when you have finished writing, you must edit your work. Read your writing aloud to check that it makes sense and check spellings using a dictionary. Check that your punctuation is accurate too. Have you used any of the features of writing that we have recently been focusing on? For example, brackets, dashes and relative clauses.

We would love to see some of your work. If you would like to share your writing with us, ask a parent to email your work to the school office. Include your class and teacher’s name in the email.

Votes for schools (20 minutes)

See this information on the class pages. Discuss your thoughts with your family.