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Do not begin this work until Wednesday 25th March 

Remember your first task is to send your teacher a message on I Am Learning.

Times Table Rockstars Battle!



I know Times Tables Rockstars is being quite slow as so many children are going on it but keep trying each day. 

We are winning the battle against Year 3!  The battle will close on Friday so make sure you keep going on to ensure we keep our lead!

Well done Year 4! 

Reading - Read CH3 of I Was There - Look up any vocabulary you do not know in a dictionary as you read.

Task: Mark your reading comprehension from the previous day. Edit and correct any incorrect answers The answers are below.

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling  Starter: Watch and read  (updated link!) 

Task: Then, log on to I Am Learning and complete prefixes and suffixes beginner 

Further practise: Use this game to practise using different prefixes

Handwriting - Complete Sheet 5 and 6 in blue pen

Maths – Starter- Log on to My Maths to continue to review time by completing -Time between 

Task: Watch :

Complete Pg 8 and 9 in your Y4 Maths CGP book Place Value but put your answers will be put into your Maths exercise book (remember our presentation rules).

Short date: 25-3-20  LO: To use place value
Write out the full sum wherever possible and underline the answers you have added in. For the matching question, copy the matching pairs into your book.

(There is no wish and RS)

Further support: If you need help, use this place value table to work out the value of each digit -See image below


Multiplication - Times Tables Rockstars- Complete 3 x garage, 3 x studio


History – Watch:

Watch the clip and think about who you think should have been King.

Read through: to find out more about the claimants to the throne.  In your small beige notebook, write down the names of each person who wanted to be king and anything you have learnt about them. Try to learn their names off-by-heart.

PE – Choose a PE activity

Other-  Practise time telling by using this matching game

Additional Documents

Reading Answers

Reading Answers 1