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Please do not begin this work until Wednesday 15th July 2020


Good morning Year 5

Remember to log on to I Am Learning by 10 am – your teacher can see when you have logged on.



PE with Joe Wicks (30 minutes)

Optional PE: complete a daily challenge

Spelling (20 minutes)  

Complete the task ‘Prefixes and suffixes’ by following the link below. The answers will be available tomorrow.


Reading (10 minutes)

Continue to read and enjoy your chosen book with someone at home.  


Grammar (30 minutes)

Mark your answers from yesterday by following the link and selecting ‘mark scheme’ at the top of the page.

Then complete the task ‘Grammar Year 5 (F)’ on

Arithmetic (20 minutes)

Complete the task ‘Adding decimals in columns’ on My Maths.


History (1 1/2 hours)

We will continue to look at key historical figures and events over the last 100 years (1920-2020). This week you will be focusing on the Scientist Stephen Hawking.


Task: Look at the websites and make notes on the achievements of Stephen Hawking.



You will then write a biography based on his life. You should include a title and sub-headings which detail his life, achievements and legacy. There is a checklist below; try to include as many of these features as you can. Two pages is sufficient for this task. You might like to print/draw a small image to use in your biography. Remember to write neatly in blue pen and join some of your letters. You can use different colours for sub-headings and titles. When you have finished, read your writing aloud and edit. Proof-read for spelling, punctuation or grammar errors. Edit carefully deciding which words/phrases/clauses might need to be removed, added or substituted for better ones.  


Writing a biography


  • Opening paragraph summarises main points in their life: main achievements, person’s personality, how they will be remembered
  • Third person
  • Past tense
  • Reported speech
  • Chronological order and dates to show when events happened
  • Written in clear paragraphs
  • Included feelings, reactions and opinions
  • Included important events/facts
  • Adverbs/adverbial phrases
  • Detailed description using powerful verbs and adjectives
  • Concluded with a reflection





Votes for schools (20 minutes)

See this information on the class pages. Discuss your thoughts with your family.



Royal Society Academy Science Week

Take a look at today's activities by following the link below.