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Good morning.  Remember to message your teacher BEFORE 10am so that we can complete the registers.  Also, feel free to ask for help on iamLearning too.


How many of you have had a go at one of Joe Wick’s live workouts – it was lots of fun this morning! J


Today you have 2 English activities on iamLearning. 


Reading – make sure you read for at least 20 minutes a day.  Where is your story set? How is it described?  If the setting is unclear, where do you imagine the story taking place?


Reading comprehension -


Have a go at marking ‘Cider with Rosie’


If there were any words in the texts you didn’t know, look them up and annotate your text with them.

Today complete KS2 Comprehension Targeted Question Book – ‘Olympic Torch Relay, Day 52’ and ‘Poems about Seasons’ p.12-15

This should take around 40 minutes in total.


Writing – Use the plan you wrote yesterday to begin writing your story.  Read the example text for inspiration (however, yours doesn’t have to be the same).

Remember to:

  •  use a variety of sentence structures to add tension and suspense.
  • Drip-feed your character and setting descriptions throughout.
  • ‘Show not tell’
  • Use a variety of punctuation ! ? “” ( ) - : ; …
  • Organise your ideas into paragraphs.

You will have some more time later in the week to come back to this so don’t worry if you haven’t finished.  (Also remember it isn’t supposed to be a whole story – just an excerpt like we did in our dragon stories!)

PE – Complete at least one of the activities provided.  (daily 20mins)



LO: To understand the Easter story.


WISH 1: I understand the Easter story.

WISH 2: I can retell the Easter story.

WISH 3: I can explain the Christian meaning of Easter.

Read the Easter story

What is Lent?

What happened on Palm Sunday?

What happens during Holy Week?

RE TASK - Create a fact file all about Easter in your books. You should include -

  • Good Friday/Palm Sunday/Lent
  • Why Easter is important to Christians
  • How it is celebrated in a Christian community
  • Symbols - why we associate bunnies and eggs with Easter
  • Pictures/fact boxes


You can use one of the plain pieces of paper given to you to present this.  Use your orange book to plan your ideas though first. 


Extra /optional History Activity 

NB PLEASE SHOW THIS TO YOUR PARENTS! – this link is on facebook so you will need an adult’s consent and log-in to watch.

There is a live history lesson today at 13:00 from a WW2 bunker. However it is being shown via facebook and as it is live – we are unable to check its suitability fully.  It is aimed at school children – but please watch together (adult and child).  This is optional – so if you are unable to watch it, don’t worry.