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Good morning!

We hope you are getting on well. J

Please remember! We set activities and give suggested timings - just like in class, we might set a whole page of the textbook - but most of you wouldn't finish it in the time allocated. It is just the same with work set on here - stick to the timings, even if it means the work is incomplete.

Always complete the work on here BEFORE attempting the online activities too - this work is the most important - the online activities are extra activities for those who want to attempt them, or feel they need to practice a topic more.  

And above all else - remember all staff are here for you to message and help.  smiley 




In your reading journal, describe your favourite character from the book using quotes from the text. 


GAPS – (40 mins test, 20 mins marking) 


Complete the Grammar Set B paper in the allocated time provided. (45 minutes).  Don’t worry about the spellings!

Please time yourselves.  If you run out of time, please complete the remaining questions in pencil.

If you finish early, please use the time to check your answers.


Mark KS2 SAT Buster 10 minute tests Reading Set C Test 2

Writing – 1 hour 

Continue to write the Journal based on the video watched yesterday.

Please see the example opening.

Things to consider:

  • Use Show not tell to suggest how the character feels about the setting.
  • Use rhetorical questions to show the nature of a journal (his personal thoughts and questions – e.g. Will I ever see the professor again?)
  • Think about writing in an informal tone and make your use of punctuation suit this (dashes, brackets, exclamation marks etc.)


PE – Complete at least one of the activities provided.  


RE – Look at the PPT about Easter around the World. How do you celebrate?


TASK - Complete the work sheet to learn about other religious events. (In your poly-pockets) 


Answer the following question: Why are festivals important to religious communities? 

April word search - tell your teacher how many you can find!