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Please do not begin this work until Wednesday 25th March 2020


First, remember to send a message on I Am Learning to your teacher to count as your register mark. 


Spelling – Complete the task on I Am Learning (ough words). Then practise the spellings below. Use the practice sheet (write, write, cover and write) to practise and test. You will find the sheet in your pack to complete this on. Please do this neatly in blue pen. If you do not know the meaning of any of the words, make sure that you look them up in a dictionary/online. Mark your spellings in green and correct any errors.


ought, nought, rough, though, thorough, plough, roughest, fraught, programme, queue


Reading – Read chapter one ‘The Mysterious Disappearance of Bartholomew Cuttle’ in Beetle Boy. As you read, look up any vocabulary you do not know in the dictionary/online.

Follow the link below to listen to Tom Fletcher reading Chapter One from Beetle Boy.


Continue reading your chosen e-book on the Reading Cloud.


Maths – Written multiplication. Complete page 57 Year 5 Textbook 1. Remember the presentation rules (write the short date and the page number as your sub-heading, 1 digit per square, use a sharp pencil and write the full calculation and working out).

Mrs Heminsley’s maths group 2 – Complete Year 5 Textbook 1 page 57 up to Q20.


History – Watch some of the videos about the Tudors on BBC Bite size, read the ‘Tudors knowledge organiser’ at the top of this page and complete some research using some of the websites listed to revise key information. Then complete the task ‘Tudors’ on I Am Learning.


Children’s jobs in Tudor Times

Tudor Children’s Clothing


PE –  Complete at least one of the activities provided (daily for 20 mins).